Sunjin Beauty Science practices eco-friendly and sustainable management by renewing its RSPO certification!


SunjinBeauty Science practices eco-friendly and sustainable management by renewing its RSPO certification!

By Park, Sojin
Translated By Lim, Julia
June 2024, NO.25

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Sunjin Beauty Science first obtained RSPO certification in March 2020 and conducted its fourth follow-up audit this March, which was completed without any non-conformities.

RSPO stands for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, an organization jointly established by companies and environmental groups to prevent environmental destruction caused by indiscriminate palm oil production.

RSPO certification is an eco-friendly international certification issued by strictly verifying compliance with standards for environmental protection, management transparency, sustainability, and community obligations across all stages of the palm oil industry, from production to distribution and processing.

At Sunjin, we handle only 100% RSPO-certified palm-derived raw materials. Currently, we manage over 70 MB*-grade products to the SG* grade level and sell them as RSPO-certified products.

* RSPO-certified Supply Chain Models:
– IP (Identity Preserved): Uses certified oil from a single plantation.
– SG (Segregated): Uses certified oil from two or more plantations.
– MB (Mass Balance): Allows the use of both certified and non-certified oil from two or more plantations.

Meanwhile, the European Union has enforced the EUDR* (European Union Deforestation Regulation), which imposes stricter requirements for forest protection and sustainable agricultural practices.

*EUDR: A regulation aimed at controlling the export of products related to seven regulated items (cocoa, coffee, soy, palm oil, timber, rubber, and cattle) within the European market.

As the global demand for sustainable management intensifies, Sunjin Beauty Science promises to continue upholding RSPO certification and complying with related regulations to practice sustainable and eco-friendly management.

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Areum Jeong / Regional Sales Manager
E-mail : sales1@sunjinbs.com