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The Road not Taken

- Robert Lee Frost

SUNJIN Beauty Science is a Cosmetic Raw Material company

The nature of Cosmetic Raw Material Business is:
1) Beauty Care Business that is similar to Health Care in nature as people’s GDP increase, people tend to spend more money on health care and beauty care, which is genuine human nature to live longer and healthier(Health Care) and to look younger and more beautiful (Beauty Care)
2) Material Science business which is high entry barrier B2B business that requires long term reliability and mutual partnership. That’s why most of global top cosmetic raw material players are based in advanced countries.

SUNJIN is a constantly growing company

SUNJIN has grown at CAGR 13.2%. Following is the sales revenue over the past13 years:
(annual business growth)

SUNJIN contributes to the national economy by exporting overseas

As of 2019, the amount of exports accounts for over 75 percent of the total sales.
During 16 years from 2003 to 2019, exportation increased 29 times from 1 million to 29 million dollars.

(SUNJIN overseas sales volume)

Therefore, SUNJIN recently received 30 million-dollar export award in 2020.
This is our fifth award after 3 million-dollar in 2008, 5 million-dollar in 2010, 10 million-dollar in 2011 and 20 million-dollar in 2017.

(Export Tower SUNJIN received)

SUNJIN is innovative with young minds

As of 2020, SUNJIN has over 109 numbers of employees with an average age of 35 actively working for the company.

(Open-office of SUNJIN)

FDA Approved Manufacturing Facility

In June 2019, SUNJIN established a state-of-the-art cGMP facility located in Janghang industry complex, with approximately 50 billion dollars investment.
Janghang facility is designed to meet the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) good manufacturing practice (GMP) standard requirement by the US FDA for the cosmetic materials used in sunscreen products.

The nation’s first cosmetic raw material company approved by FDA

In September 2019, SUNJIN passed FDA inspection with an outstanding result with “No Action Indicated (NAI)” which means FDA found no objectionable conditions that warrant further action. This is the first time in Korea for a cosmetic raw materials company.
Now, SUNJIN is the only cosmetic raw material company available manufacturing sunscreen materials with FDA certification. In addition, in Asia excluding Japan, SUNJIN is the first inorganic sunscreen manufacturer with FDA certification.

(FDA inspection result)

The world’s First and Only R&D Pipeline

SUNJIN has a high level of combined technologies with advanced and broad technology scope. SUNJIN has diverse technologies, including the following – Nano Technology, Encapsulation and Composition Technology, Hectorite Based Active Ingredient Delivery Technology, Microbeads Synthetic Technology, Surface Treatment Technology, Cosmetic Formulation Technology.

Based on these technologies, SUNJIN is developing and producing many innovative cosmetic raw materials such as Microbeads, UV filters and Skin care formulation.