UV filters

Sunjin manufacturers inorganic UV filters such as Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide. Sunjin is also producing UV capsules, utilizing advanced encapsulation techniques, on organic UV filters which minimizes skin irritation..

Global first and only rod type Zinc oxide particles.

SPF & PA in-vivo Test

Sunjin provides free in-vivo clinical test service to customers using our materials in their formulations. The number of clinical trials conducted by Sunjin exceeded 800 as of 2019. Please contact the Sunjin sales team if you are interested in requesting free in-vivo clinical testing.

Zinc Oxide

Sunjin is capable of controlling the size, shape, and surface of Zinc oxide particles. List of different characteristics of Zinc oxide that are available at Sunjin is summarized below.

Titanium Dioxide

Sunjin is providing Titanium dioxide particles with various size and surface. List of different characteristics of Titanium dioxide that are available at Sunjin is summarized below.


Sunjin is also providing dispersions of both Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide based on customers’ needs. Some of focus dispersions that are available at Sunjin are listed below.


Most of the organic UV-filters are only soluble in oil phase but water dispersible organic UV-filters are highly desirable to maximize the use of both oil and water phase in formulation. Therefore, water soluble UV-filters are extensively being researched worldwide. Sunjin also has developed innovative UV Capsules that readily disperse in both water and oil phase.

Sunjin has encapsulated organic UV-filters in Silica (SUNSIL-series) or PMMA (Hybrid-series) not only to disperse them in water phase but also minimize their direct contact onto the skin. In general,

Titanium dioxide without proper surface coating leaves a strong white cast. Sunjin also incorporated Titanium dioxide into Silica (Tin-series) and dramatically lowered the white index of it.

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