Renewable Silica from Mother Nature, Streaming Now on Youtube!


Renewable Silica from Mother Nature, Streaming Now on Youtube!

By Lee, James
June 2024, NO.24

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 In this issue, we will introduce you to silica, a material that is gaining attention as an environmentally friendly and sustainable resource that exists abundantly on Earth as an inorganic mineral.

 Silica is the most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, serving as a primary component in all rocks and the main constituent of sand. With such vast quantities of silica deposited across the globe, it is essentially an inexhaustible resource. This abundance makes silica a natural resource that can be utilized sustainably without the risk of depletion.

 Silica sand existing in its natural state at the Cape Flattery Mine in Australia is extracted and moved to SUNJIN Beauty Science’s manufacturing facilities. Then, it goes through refining and processing to be reborn as SUNSIL series, which is a premium silica line. SUNJIN Beauty Science’s SUNSIL series is recognized for its excellent quality and is being supplied to various clients around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia.

 Silica is gaining attention as an alternative to the micro-plastic problem that threatens the Earth’s environment. While micro-plastics are light and flow into the oceans, accumulating in ecosystems, silica is relatively heavy, easily sinks, and has a lower risk of biological absorption or ecosystem disruption.

 Silica that has sunk into the sea forms sedimentary rock over a long period of time as it is deposited. Later, it changes into metamorphic rock under heat and pressure, and becomes igneous rock through magma melting processes. As this igneous rock erupts to the Earth’s surface again,silica is newly created in a cycle. These process of rock formation and circulation is called the Rock Cycle.

 SUNJIN Beauty Science is accelerating the development of eco-friendly silica products to realize the social value of environmental protection. We hope that you will become an eco-friendly consumer who opens up a sustainable tomorrow with SUNJIN Beauty Science’s silica products.

 If you are interested in learning more about the cycle of silica, we kindly request you to watch the video on YouTube below.

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