TiO2 Specialized for Makeup Formulations?


TiO2 Specialized for Makeup Formulations

By Kim, Sanguk
October 2021, NO.35

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Today, we would like to introduce the T-80 series, which is a specialized TiO2 for make-up which provides UV Protection, Coverage and Good color intensity.

T-80 is a core/shell type Non nano TiO2 with a continuous silica layer. When you apply T-80 for make-ups with UV protection, higher UV protection can be achieved than with other Pigment TiO2.

T-80 provides good coverage and dark shades.  When comparing different TiO2 at 4% in a formulation with 9% Iron oxide, it can be seen that T-80AS has better coverage and delivers darker shades.

Sunjin provides T-80 with different coating materials for use depending on formulation type: T-80(No surface treatment), T-80AS(Alkyl Silane), T-80JJ(Jojoba Ester), T-80LL(Lauroyl Lysine), T-80SA(Stearic Acid).

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