Island Ban has taken effect from 2021


Island Ban has taken effect from 2021

By Kim, Sanguk
January 2021, NO.1

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Hawaii and Keywest, Florida has banned the sales and distribution of over-the-counter sunscreens containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, the chemical UV filters, from Jan. 1st 2021.

Not only the US, the more islands such as Palau, Bonaire and US Virgin Island will enact the Sunscreen Ban worldwide.

The islands that have banned non-biodegradable chemical sunscreens

As Octinoxate(OMC) is one of the most commonly used chemical UV-filters in sunscreen, major US cosmetic companies are highly expected to launch new sunscreens excluding the any use of OMC. They will not prepare Hawaii-only sun care but nationwide products that covers all across the US including Hawaii.

Therefore, the Island Ban will induce full-scale sun care products reformulation in 3~5 years. 

More details can be found in the following link. Please visit the site if you are interested.

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