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    I do have my own dream

SUNJIN BEAUTY SCIENCE is a raw materials chemical production company. As we know, Japan is a powerful contributor to chemical material production. In the global market, competitive opponents of SUNJIN BEAUTY SCIENCE, namely Japan, have on average 20-30 more years or experience in the research and development of chemical raw materials than SUNJIN BEAUTY SCIENCE, the professional research staff more than 5-10 times bigger, and a company size that is 10-200 times larger.

Since I joined the company in 1999, I put my heart and soul into the research and development of our overseas business. Nevertheless, “Chemical production is very hard….” This idea is constantly reiterated in reality and practice. Now I have come to understand that “the reality is that even if you work hard, there will still be a day when you may not be able to do what you want to.” This is the truth, especially in research and development work.

After 7years, in 2007, the Korean won and the Japanese yen exchange rate fell sharply. That year, our company lost its price advantage over Japanese business. I was very disheartened, and I realized that the business of raw material chemical production wasn’t as easy as I imagined.

At the end of 2007, I saw in Weekly that Sangmyun Bae, founder of KOOKSOONDANG BREWERY CO.LTD wrote New Year's greetings:
" 一藝八年, 商業十年 ". "Art for eight years, business in another ten years" It is a short message that holds more than 80 years of his life experience as an alcohol distributor.  And it means, to master a skill it will take 8 years, and if you want to convert this skill into a business that can make money it will take another 10 years.

I did eight years of study, but how about doing business for ten years? These words have really caused people to think.  I do have my own dream.  My dream is that overseas competitive enterprises will no longer simply copy products, but they will develop new products with innovative technology so as to get the respect of competing for the customers' love.  Now, BEAUTY SCIENCE SUNJIN and I will move towards this goal and put it into practice.

I believe that as long as we put forth effort, business opportunities will come. Thank you all so much.


President Sung-ho Lee

    Education - The University of Texas at Austin, MBA
- Yale University, M.Sc, Chemistry
- Yonsei University, B.Sc, Biochemistry

    Experiences - Chemistry Adjunct Professor at Ajou University
- President of Sunjin Chemical and Head Researcher
- LG-EDS, Consulting Department
- LG Electronics, High Media Team
- Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Risk Management Laboratory

    Awards - Awarded a prime minister citation at the 48th Trade day
- Awarded a prize for $10 million exporting at the 48th Trade day
- Awarded a prize for $5 million exporting at the 47th Trade day
- Awarded 2009 Maeil Economic Newspaper Venture Business’sDirector of Medium Business Administration
- Awarded a prize for $3 million exporting at the 45th Trade day

External lecture materials
 KAIST Biomolecular engineering CBE481
 Special Topics in Chemical and Biomolecular
 Engineering Complex fuids, soft matter,and
 chemical  products guest lecturer
  2015.10  Korean Research Institution of Biotechnology and Bio Science  Presentation of New functional Cosmetic ingredients and research trend  
 Hosted by Chemical Market Research Inc.
 Technique for functional cosmetic ingredient seminar at Yeouido Federation Hall
  2015.06  Fragrance Journal Korea  EU and USA’s newest regulation trend on physical UV filters
  2011.10  Yonsei College of Public Health High level courses  - nano cosmetic’s future
  2010.06  Germany’s IMPAG seminar  
   Chemical Filter Free Sun Care Overview
 Chemical Filter Free Sun Care Q&A
 1. What is the challenge in producing chemical filter free suncare products
     with a high SPF on a worldwide scale?
 2. Could you plea/se briefly summarize Sunjin Chemical's solutions to the problem?
 3. What solutions does Sunjin have on offer for European products for the 1/3 rule
     of the EU recommendation and how did you prove them?
 4. What sun care solutions does Sunjin offer for producers of natural cosmetics and
     how did you prove them?
 5. Could you please describe the main features and benefits of your Super-light
     Emulsifier Free Sun Protect Gel?
  2010.02  Soonchunhyang University  - UV filter’s recent trend
  2009.10  Korean Research Institution of Biotechnology and Bio Science  - Physical and chemical uv filters
  2008.11  Fall Season The Society of Cosmetic Scientist of Korea  - Chemical UV filter involving hybrid PMMA
  2008.10  IFSCC  - Hybrid PMMA Bead containing Chemical UV Filters

  Ajou University/ Graduate School Nano-Manufacturing Pharmacy Lecture Materials
Lecture 1 Material Hybridization  
Lecture 2 Example of an cosmetic application of Micro Beads  
Lecture 3 Cosmetic Optical Science theory - Soft Focus Theory
- Example of Soft Theory
- refractive index of powder measurement method
Lecture 4 In 2008, Fall Season The Society of Cosmetic Scientist of Korea Presentation Material  
Lecture 5 Introducing the example of overcoming contradiction of U-Shaped Cosmetic through TRIZ perspective    
  - Kao’s water resistant & detergent washable powder  
- Introducing the example of overcoming contradiction of U-Shaped Cosmetic through TRIZ perspective  
- TRIZ Related Reported Materials  
- TRIZ overview  
Lecture 6 sunscreen seminar material  
Lecture 7 surface preparation - surface preparation outline
- Cosmetic Powder Surface Preparation
Lecture 8 Fusion Cosmetics  
Lecture 9 ECOCERT Standard Guideline  


Awarded a prize for $10 million exporting at the 48th Trade day
Awarded a prize for $5 million exporting at the 47th Trade day
Trade Day Celebration
MPAG seminar
Awarded MagKyung Excellence Venture Business
KRIBB conference
Yang Yang Summer Retreat
Bangkok Thailand
Investment completion after party
Italy Milan
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