Lasting companies know how to reinvent themselves. HP had done that repeatedly; it started as an instrument company, then became a calculator company, then a computer company. You’ve got to reinvent the company to do some other thing. You’ve got to be like a butterfly and have a metamorphosis.”

- Mike Markkula to Steve Jobs


Sunjin started with the manufacture of surfactants. Starting from 1990s, due to sudden raise in competition, the profit has gradually decreased. In 2006, Sunjin made a difficult decision after going through many complex internal and external circumstances to cut down surfactant production to single line. Currently, Sunjin is only producing one main cationic surfactant.

The one main cationic surfactant that Sunjin is producing is ester quaternary (EQ), which are commonly used in many laundry fabric softeners. In general, EQ are synthesized from processed fatty acids. However, Sunjin directly synthesize EQ from fatty oils so that EQ production was more cost effective with stable price than the competitors. As of 2019, over 90 % of EQ manufactured by the company are being exported overseas.

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