Pigments & Pigments Dispersion

Sunjin provides pigment powders with lipophilic surface modification for excellent oil dispersion and there are also Aqua Series which dispersed these pigment powders in O/W emulsion.


Pigment powders are responsible for the color in cosmetics. In general, make-up products are in W/O formulation meaning they have oil as continuous phase. Therefore, surface of pigment powders is generally modified with lipophilic surfactants in order to disperse them in oil phase. These days, silicone base surfactants such as Alkyl Silane, Methicone, and Dimethicone are used as lipophilic surfactants. This is because these materials significantly improved conventional fatty acid surfactants which showed hydrolysis and oxidation problem which result in short term stability and unpleasant odor in the final products.

Clean beauty is a big trend these days in cosmetic field. Clean beauty means product excluded any use of cosmetic materials that are known to be harmful to the human body and the environment such as parabens, PEG, phthalate, phenoxyethanol, and silicone in the formulation so that it gives good impression to the general public. Sunjin developed surface modification technique with fatty alcohol in 2018 to overcome drawbacks of fatty acid with hydrolysis and oxidation problem while staying away from the use of silicone based materials.

Pigment Dispersions

Sunjin developed Aqua series which dispersed pigment powders modified with lipophilic surfactants in O/W emulsion for the use in water base foundation and BB cream.

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