CEO Greeting


Sungho Lee

Sungho LeeCEO

Dear all, this is Sungho Lee, the president of Sunjin Beauty Science. The Sunjin website was redesigned this year before Sunjin is going public on the KOSDAQ.
As the president of Sunjin I would like to provide a few words.

The best fertilizer for a vineyard is the owner's footsteps.

Robert Mondavi

I have reviewed the previous CEO’s greetings in 2012. Sunjin has grown a lot since then with the help of customers and employees. Through all this help and effort, as of 2018, Sunjin was recognized as the world’s 10th largest manufacturer in UV filters in the cosmetic industry.

(출처: Expert Interview, Secondary Sources and Global Info Research, 2019)

This is the result of constant improvement on activities including overseas sales, online marketing, and launching many innovative and remarkable products. In addition, we expect the newly established FDA certified plant at Janghang will take us to the next level in the global market.
Sunjin will continue to pursue sustainable growth with continued hard work.

Sunjin is planning to further strengthen the sales activities

Since there is no royal road to sales, Sunjin will be constantly expanding overseas sales activities.

Sunjin is planning to strengthen On-line marketing activities

Sunjin will encourage online marketing strategies through the following activities.
-Uploading the educational and promotional video clips on our own Youtube channel.
-Sending local language-newsletters more frequently.
-Regularly hosting online seminars on Zoom.
-Providing customer-tailored services based on accumulated customer data.

Janghang plant as a strategic asset

Sunjin will use the FDA certified Janghang plant as a new springboard to make a leap forward and strategically advertise the capability of Sunjin to customers. Sunjin aims to utilize the full capacity of the plant through aggressive sales activities.

R&D Strategies

Sunjin will continuously develop innovative materials that would further advance UV filter and skincare ingredients using our exceptional combined technologies.
Sunjin will continue to do our best to meet the expectations of all customers, employees, and shareholders.

Thank you.
2020. 7. 20 CEO Sungho Lee


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