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Subject : 2015.07_Christian Dior brings cushion compact technology to luxury cosmetics
Date : 2015-07-28
July 2015, Newsletter no.59
Published by Sung-Ho Lee
  Christian Dior brings cushion compact technology to luxury cosmetics  
    Article source :
by Deanna Utroske
Last updated on 19-Jun-2015 at 11:29 GMT
Through an expanded partnership with AmorePacific, the French fashion house
will be making Dior-branded cushion products.
The beauty leaders signed a memorandum of understanding yesterday in Seoul that augments the
standing strategic partnership between Dior and AmorePacific, reports the Korean Herald.
Bright ideas
The technology innovation Dior is after here comprises a foam sponge that reserves and preserves
liquid formula.
“This agreement holds great significance in that our ‘cushion’ technology is appreciated by one of
the world’s
most respected luxury brand companies and a powerhouse in the global beauty
industry,” Shim Sang-bae, president of AmorePacific tells the press.
But the innovation won’t end there. AmorePacific plans to invest in further modern technologies
that will enhance the company’s vision of ‘new beauty’, according to the Korean Herald.
“The two global cosmetics giants…expect that this newfound strategic partnership will bring a
plethora of innovative beauty experiences to the broader customer base around the world and help
both companies to further strengthen their growth trajectory in the global cosmetics market,” that
publication notes.
Cushion compacts are reaching more consumers and changing beauty routines worldwide, thanks
to deals like this one with Dior.
Three products come together in the prevailing cushion compact: foundation, sunscreen and skin
care. “It has been a popular product in Korea for convenience and according to global research
firm TNS, 75% of Korean women have used or are currently using cushion products,”
Michelle Yeomans for Cosmetics Design.
The company has rolled out cushion compact products in 13 of its brands since the IOPE
AirCushion first launched in 2008, according to the Herald. Products for both women and men are
being marketed in cushions.
The IOPE men’s line includes a cushion compact with a product formualtion that offers blemish
coverage as well as UV protection. This venture capitalizes on both the modern technology of
beauty and Korea’s ‘grooming-jok’ trend
Now also, AmorePacific has brought the popular cushion compact to China this monthwith the
opening of IOPE stores in Shanghai and Beijing.

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